EA Tech is a hybrid lighting and technology designer, distributor, and integrator. We specialize in 3D modeling services, lighting design & analysis, and fast execution.

We are based in Evergreen, Colorado at an elevation of 7500 feet. EA Tech plans and supplies lighting and visual effects for all sorts of cool projects. We stock some high volume items in our store. However many of the custom configured lighting fixtures we have are built upon request by our manufacturing partners and shipped to the project site. Custom 3d layouts are available free of charge for any project from a major league baseball stadium to parking lots to interior spaces. We use only the most advanced lighting technology including smart controls and dynamic scene creation. Our visual effects includes video boards, projection imagery, and AI panel engagement. We are pushing to the edge of what's possible and increasing engagement.
3D Modeling

We 3D model your space to show you accurate light levels.

Value Engineering

We find the ideal products for your project at the best cost.

Custom Quoting

Each quote we provide is custom created for your unique project.

Lighting Analysis

We analyze each projects’ needs and assess where we can help you improve.

Partner Brands

We partner with various manufacturers to  provide you with lighting tailored to your project needs.

Fast Delivery

We provide reliable serivce and can promise you will always speak to a real person, no robots!

Spec Crossing

We compare each products specs to find you the best possible fixtures.

Poles & Foundations

We provide services to help you plan and illuminate and of your outdoor lighting needs.

Elite Level Sports
We have designed and installed projects for the MLB, NFL, FIFA, Olympics, NCAA, ATP and other top sports associations.
Rec Level Pricing
Our expertise doesn’t mean we price expensively. Our pricing is transparent and competitive because of our ecommerce presence. No job is too small.
Full Turnkey Installation
Our team of dedicated project managers will insure your project is installed to code and on time.
Trusted Brands

We have partnered with the best, most trusted brands in the sports lighting industry.

Dynamic Lighting Displays
Our dynamic lighting creations are more appealing than static display lighting increasing consumer engagement.
3D Projection Mapping
We can create dynamic content on any surface of any size. These scenes dazzle the mind and drive user created content further increasing brand awareness.
Content Creation
We can craft original content for your project. And can create new imagery on an ongoing basis.
AI Engagement
Our AI displays can recognize movement, facilal expressions, emotions and can engage with users to create unique interactions making your scene a 2-way activity. It even remembers.