This is the online home for Evergreen Applied Technologies (EA Tech) and its subsidiary companies including EA Lighting and Design and Lightdisty.com. We are lucky to be based in Evergreen, Colorado at an elevation of 7500 feet.

EA Tech plans and supplies lighting for all sorts of cool projects. We stock high volume items in our store. Custom configured lighting fixtures we provide are built upon request and shipped directly to the project site. 3D model layouts, photometric submittals are available free of charge for any project from a major league baseball stadium to parking lots to interior spaces.  We can also offer stamped engineered drawings for nearly all 50 states.   We use only the most advanced lighting technology and regularly incorporate smart controls such as daylight harvesting, wifi controls, DMX, and whole building systems.

– We are a hybrid between a traditional lighting distributor, a direct sales manufacturer and a retail outlet with lighting experts on staff. 

– We manufacture in America from raw material our professional high output sports lighting fixtures.

– We work directly with both end users, contractors, building owners and others to streamline the process of project completion.

We carefully select the lighting manufacturers we work with. We double check specifications and certifications to ensure that we are selling only the highest quality light fixtures and components. We do not work with manufacturers that are known to mislead on specifications, have high failure rates or are known to miss or delay deliveries. Additionally we look for high rates of quality control, burn in, and timely responsiveness when issues arise. We have come across ‘manufacturers’ (overseas and American) with fraudulent specs and certifications and have also turned down the opportunity to work with some companies because of their known poor performance.
We want your project to go smoothly, with no failures and no returns. We have an integrated help desk system which tracks all issues. Our biggest difference, if you call, text or email you will talk to the same person every time who will help you figure out the problem. And you will have a direct contact number, no robots or phone trees.
– Design and installation of the most powerful RGB display in the world using multiple custom created RGBW to illuminate a 120′ building from a 150′ distance

– Design and installation of the most complex professional sports lighting project in the entire world. Project features advance controls integrations never before achieved to enhance not only user experience but game play. Some of this is top secret so you’ll just have to ask us.

– Panelist for Roth Capital featuring rising ‘disruptors’ to current industry models of lighting

We also engineer our own custom made products to the highest of standards. We have full control of the process from engineering, casting, machining, molding, painting, and assembly all the way to installation. We can comfortably offer long warranties because we have complete control. We can also insure the most comprehensive projects because we know the product and can offer on site support for projects under our control. We currently possess two records for highest output professional flood light and high bay known on the market. We have even more great things coming.
Chris Lewis

Christopher Lewis is a graduate of Colorado State University. Post graduation he specialized in business development, helping struggling businesses achieve profitability. After many successful years working for others, Mr. Lewis started the business in 2014. He is a data and analysis freak who loves to dissect projects to find every bit of cost savings. He has completed major projects in all 50 states and in 20+ countries. He specializes in lighting analysis, commercial and sports lighting and is a member of IES. Mr. Lewis has also played every major sport at at a competitive level. Lately he prefers riding for an amateur cycling team and playing tennis.

April Lockwood

Mrs. Lockwood began her career on the environmental side handling environmental bid requests and project management for an environmental firm. Upon joining EA Technologies she now assumes the all encompassing role of project manager. Her diligence to projects and asset control insures projects are completed accurately and on time. Mrs. Lockwood is an avid backpacker, treking through the wilderness with her family into the great unknown.

Liz Smith

Liz joined our team in December of 2017 and is one of our skilled customer service agents. She has also taken on the task of project manager, assisting our customers with large orders from the beginning to the end of their projects. Liz has two wonderful children, her son pictured above. She is an accomplished quilter, an even more accomplished mom, and avid Chicago Bears fan.

Kelly O'Shea

Having began her career in graphic design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, Kelly has studied art and design in all of its forms. She has moved cross country from growing up in Buffalo, NY, to residing in Colorado Springs, CO, and ultimately relocating to Evergreen, CO, where she joined our team in early June of 2019. Kelly assists with customer service and helps maintain our multiple websites. Among her graphic design endeavors she is an experienced jeweler who loves to create pieces in her off hours.

Suzanne Goldberg

Suzanne began working for Evergreen Applied Technologies in November, 2020, in out product publishing department. In September of  2022, Suzanne moved into her current role as a full time customer service specialist and assistant project manager. She holds a Business degree from Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida and in her spare time, she enjoys yoga, gardening, as well as being active with her two kids.